Looking for 3d Printers to use with Chromebooks,

Looking for 3d Printers to use with Chromebooks, any browser ready printer out there available in Europe? I have contacted a few times 3d Polar printers in the USA but not one email back, terrible customer service.

Consider not to limit yourself to a printer specifically designated as ready for Chromebooks. I am recently building OctoPrint for my 3d printer, which will allow me via browser and wireless to monitor and control my otherwise USB or SD managed printer. If you search for Octoprint or Octopi, you will find much useful information.

I’m not a wizard when it comes to Raspberry Pi and I was able to make it work in a very short time. I have an unsupported wireless adapter, but have ordered the correct one and am looking forward to creating a working system.

limit to chromebooks no possible to use slicer client same cura or slic3r . with octoprint and curaengine can slice but not good for new user of 3d printer.

Can use any open source 3d printing using display and sd card(standalone)… with chromebook can use only web slicer (as kiri:moto or astroprint slice cloud solution) and save gcode on sdcard. But surely no like as solution.

Commercial printers use property slicer and work only for mac / windows. real lack are on CAM software for chromebook.

I use AstroPrint…
It’s easy to use with a web interface.
Supports slicing with CURA and slic3r via their cloud slicing service.

Printrbot recently published a web client for their printers called Printrapp. It’s still being tested but it’s available for public use. It’s even a Chrome app.

I use Octoprint with my Printrbot and Cura for slicing though. Astroprint and Octoprint provide similar features. Octoprint is a little more powerful while Astroprint is easier to use. Both run off a Raspberry Pi and will work with most gcode printers. My recommendation would be to first get a good printer for your needs (classroom scenario?) and have a Mac or PC to use with it just in case and you can use a Chromebook to connect to the printer via Octoprint or Astroprint for most prints.

Our chrome client was an experiment and convinced us that you should be able to print from anywhere (any browser). So that’s what we are working on. Using any browser, you will be able to browse models, save your print queue, slice and then (through the browser) just send any gcode to your printer for local storage and printing. Since the bot doesn’t need s persistent Internet connection and uses basic (secure) web calls, it ends up very straight forward. We will publish everything so others can write clients. No locking you down to our cloud services! We will write a Cura plugin to allow that route if you choose, and others like simplify 3D, octoprint, etc can join the party.

One cool thing is that you can print to any Printrbot on your local network, kind of like Apple iTunes can stream to any speaker/ whatever… But it’s just moving files and kicking off a print maybe. So print farms will work from one device, any device out of the box- even multiple devices. You can choose to password protect your bot, so it’s up to you.

I have thought that a streaming camera on a rpi would be cool, and a local Pi could provide printing from offsite.

Printing from any device will soon be a feature that differentiates us.