Looking at how this starts a print and the configuration,

(Nicolas Duarte) #1

Looking at how this starts a print and the configuration, I have a feeling this is a reskin of the Makerbot Replicator 1st gen.

(Mike Miller) #2

At least it sounds like a sane price-point and non-proprietary filament.

(Chuck McManis) #3

Interesting beginning. Agree with Mike that the non-proprietary filament is a solid feature, I worry about people going the ‘inkjet’ route where they sell the printer at a loss and plastic at $500/kg. Looks like it is ‘Thingiverse’ compatible (the Makerware like software) so not targeting folks making their own models but people using pre-built ones. I wonder if some ME’s out there could moonlight building models on demand.

(Rien Stouten) #4

I don’t know… What this is, really, look at this:

(Chuck McManis) #5

fascinating. So it is a rebadged Flashforge product. Good deal for FF. They seem to have stuck pretty closely to the clone strategy so maybe this is their “slightly-not-actually-a-makerbot-clone” product.

(Brook Drumm) #6

Talked with the Dremel guy at maker con. Great guy. They are really up front with where it comes from and what it is. The filament is 500g for $30 on a special spool size but I think a reasonable move. They likely will use auto desk spark from the inclusion of the auto desk partnership. Very consumer focused from a great company. Excited to see the touchscreen and ui. I’m jealous of the documentation, manual and beefy customer support :slight_smile:

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #7

Well, if this is a clone of the MakerBot 1st gen, I have the feeling we can count on it being better than the MakerBot 3rd gen. I hear MakerBot keeps getting worse with each iteration. lol

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #8

It has the same screw hole, grid and everything external placement for that flashforge, so I would say @Rien_Stouten is right about this being a rebadged flashforge.

I guess when it comes to determining if the price tag is worth it, you would have to more closely inspect the features, consider the build enclosure, dual extrusion and inspect the bed, extrusion and axis movement. You would also need to know how good the dual extrusion output looks.

(Brook Drumm) #9

It’s single head - one color.

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #10

Hmmm…their filament is inside their build chamber. If that is a heated chamber, it might dry out the filament.

(Brook Drumm) #11

It’s not a heated chamber. No heated bed either. But dry filament is desirable.