Long time ShapeOko one (#210) owner, but really haven't done too much with it...

(Matt Kasdorf) #1

Long time ShapeOko one (#210) owner, but really haven’t done too much with it… yet.

I’m interested in adding (or converting) to a laser engraver/cutter to it with the L-Cheapo. But would also like the quiet spindle, to expand the Y axis, and to add the second stepper.

Should I convent my “one” to a dedicated laser and get the ShapeOko 2 or can I save some Canadian pesos and just do the upgrades to my “one”.

(Marc Schaefermeyer) #2

I have modified my “one” over time. It’s really easy to upgrade and a lot cheaper than purchasing a whole new one. I just upgraded to the Quiet Spindle and it’s SUPER Quiet!
My current cutting area is 30"(X-axis) x 8"(Y-axis). I do have plans to increase the Y-axis to probably 24".

(Matt Kasdorf) #3

Thanks Marc! Which spindle did you get? Is there a guide to adding the Quiet Spindle to the “one”?

(Marc Schaefermeyer) #4

I used the one from Inventables blog post.
To mount it to the “one” was super simple because the spindle has a straight designed casing. So it just mounted directly to the original spindle mounts provided.

(Adam Harris) #5

I’m slowly converting my V1 to V2. I don’t have much time to work with it, but there’s no official parts list for the conversion. I’ll document it as I go.

(Matt Kasdorf) #6

Thanks. I’m just doing my research this time… I may buy everything off eBay instead of Inventables.