Long overdue, we have an RC image of Umikaze 2.2.1 ready for public testing:

(Jon Charnas) #1

UPDATE 11 Apr '19

@Wacky has pushed a new image for testing - see this post down the page for details.

Long overdue, we have an RC image of Umikaze 2.2.1 ready for public testing: https://github.com/intelligent-agent/Umikaze/releases/tag/2.2.1-RC2

Be aware, this is not a full release yet. We’re close, but we’re hoping that a few fearless dragon hunters amongst you will find the few bugs we haven’t squashed yet.

If you need your printer for production - please consider disabling the flasher, and testing from onboard the SD card so you have a stable image to go back to with little hassle. Instructions on how to do this are on the release page.

IMPORTANT: Toggle is still undergoing changes to function with OctoPrint 1.3.10+ - if you use the touch screen interface, do not upgrade OctoPrint past 1.3.9 yet. We should have Toggle fixed by the time RC3 drops in a couple of weeks.

As usual, please submit any bug reports directly on Github!

(ThantiK) #2

Great work!

(Dan Ghiciulescu) #3

Hello all,

Is this image still the last one?

I have currently the boxing day on my printer and is not working as stable as something I had before 2.x.

Thank you.

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(Jon Charnas) #4

Hi Dan, yes at the moment it’s still the last one. I’m trying to build RC 3 now in fact.

(Jon Charnas) #5

Follow-up - @Wacky has released a new image which is essentially what we expect to be the final versions of Toggle & Redeem in it - just some tweaks as to how they’re wrapped up.
His full message is copied here for convenience:

Commemorating General Robert E Lee’s surrender, on this day in 1865, thus ending the American Civil War, I offer my latest build. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OPzizufoPRVXsTHk0rIUMDzkpeyQwXci/view?usp=sharing The supporting build scripts have some improvements. But, as before, the installed versions of Redeem, and Toggle are unchanged. Your feedback is appreciated.

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(Richard Wackerbarth) #6

Official RC image for testing.
We finally got the pieces tagged and the build script should be complete.
Those with earlier versions need to update.

Hopefully we will have our GoldMaster soon.

Apollo 13 liftoff — Launching Umikaze-2.2.1-RC3
Binary on Google Drive – Umikaze-2.2.1-RC3.img.xz

• Flash the image to an SD card
Note that this is a small image (to reduce download time)
that runs from the SD card. You can use it for some testing,
or to flash your printer’s on-board program memory.
You can also expand the image to make the whole SD available for use.

• Boot on BBB

• log into Octoprint
• go through the “Setup Wizard” screens

• [Octoprint Settings (the wrench)]
• API key
• Copy to clipboard
• Toggle Plugin
• Edit local profile
Replace “REPLACE_ME” with API key from clipboard
Save Changes
• Restart Octoprint
• OctoPrint Settings again
• Redeem Plugin
Select Printer
Restart Redeem
• Toggle Plugin
Select Printer
Restart Toggle
• Connect
Mission Acomplished

To log in
• ssh root@kamikaze.local
password is “kamikaze”
• change password as requested

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