Logging needed

So with a lack of a material DB tuned to my laser at least a log of what settings were used:
Date, burn-time, Source document, burn type(raster/vector), Speed, Power, Material… Nothing special a CSV with a results column I can add comments to using other software.

I am a newbie and having issues tuning desired results and it sounds like a common issue.
Missed maybe a prep column so if masked and with what, and maybe output size.

Just a suggestion and wonder why it is not in ALL laser software as it seems a lot of trial and error.

Some of the things which make it ‘trial and error’ are the following(not complete):
Laser power can vary, not just the settings but the power output changes as the devices wear.
Speed, what burns is a function of how much energy is put into the material for a given amount of time so if you move the laser really slow, the beam has more time at a particular location then when you move the laser really fast.
Material thickness, density, reflectivity to the energy beam frequency all play a part in how the energy is absorbed by the material.

This is why there are many versions of this all over the internet: Laser Cutter Material Test Card remix for LightBurn by DOugL - Thingiverse

But some applications do have builtin project files which store your cut configurations AND your material selections. VisiCut was one I was exposed to long ago. It was designed for use in a Maker Space so it’s setup so members can grab a design, get the specified material from inventory and cut/engrave. LightBurn added a Materials DB but I don’t know if there’s a tie-in between a material in the DB and the design as there is with VisiCut.strong text