LittleRP Resin Printer is now live on Kickstarter!

LittleRP Resin Printer is now live on Kickstarter!


This is a real step up in quality for the price! The build size is quite small, but maybe not an issue for detail parts. I hope that with future products the build size can be made larger.
Hopefully they can deliver and avoid patent entanglements.

Nice to see Marvin at the scene :slight_smile:

@bob_cousins A few of the SLA laser patents expire this year with a couple more in the next year or so and I’m not aware of any DLP SLA patents that are in force. Part of what was holding Form Labs back was a patent that has since expired.

Good looking machine though the schedule is pretty optimistic even for shipping kits. SLA is here, I expect to see more and more.

Did 3D Systems settle their lawsuit with Formlabs?

The first one was dropped and the second is alleging infringement in patents that have expired since the suit and some that will expire soon. Form was able to get a series A US$19 mil round from DFJ. With that backing and seed backers like Mitch Kapor and Joi Ito I wouldn’t be too concerned about any litigation. They may either drag it out past whatever patents are left or settle. They’ve got cash to do either.

That was a quick funding.