Little question here.  Looking for some SSRs for my tinyg to control vacuum and

Little question here. Looking for some SSRs for my tinyg to control vacuum and spindle. Does anyone have good luck and a good source?

How many watts each? I have used these for low power devices

Let me know what you find Britton, I am looking for the same thing.

Well good question. the spindle uses 3.5 amp so thats 420watts and the vacuum uses 9 amps so thats 1080 watts. based on my home 120 outlets. 115 volts seems more like it though

I have 5 of these guys. They come in a kit. Kits are pretty cool. but what voltage is the tinyg?

These should work at 3V, so they should work no matter you have Due.

well let me test it out then. the 3 volt input is my concern

There is a built-in led, it should lit with the 3v output.

negative. The led will light but the relay will not latch. here is a better option I think. Need to read up on it.

Weird. Does it work any different wit 5v input?

yep. with 5 volts it latches nicely
There are three inputs 5v, control, and ground. I powered it with 5 volts. and used 3.3 volt for the control common ground. That fail. With 5 volts to the control? Bingo

@Britton_Evans The one I suggested has two inputs + and - (4 and 3 in the ebay picture) and not three and it states it works from 3 to 30V (and mine works with 3V for sure). What I guess is that for 1000W power you will need a heatsink for that SSR.

The way I connected it is by wiring GND to - and signal output to +

I see. Thought you where talking about the beefcake. Where you talking about

@Britton_Evans Exactly. This Amazon link does include the heatsink that will be needed in your case.

agreed sir. I think I will buy it. 15 bucks and I use prime so free 2 day shipping! Will be proud to own one.