Like quite a few others I've just gotten my K40 working.

Like quite a few others I’ve just gotten my K40 working. I’d love to do some photo engraving onto wood (Christmas is coming up and all, easy gifts for grandparents!) but not too sure how to start. Can anyone point me toward the way to go about it please?

Thanks to this great community I’ve been able to get the thing working. It came with no software or manuals, just the usb key stick.

Google is your friend :), there’s a number of articles on how to prepare pictures for engraving. Look for halftone and dithering, and you’ll need to mentally filter out some “buy me” from otherwise useful articles (I’m frugal…). Gimp and other free products will do what you need with possibly a bit of extra effort. Plan on experimenting (I made a stack of 3 x 5 x 1/4" hardwood test blocks out of scrap), it’s part of the fun.

On my phone or I’d give you some links.

as @Kirk_Yarina said, YouTube is your friend too.
Inkscape is great, I can recommend you this channel: @Anthony_Coafield

Thanks so much both of you. Google is my friend. I think my brain was fried after working all the rest out I couldn’t even think where to start. A good sleep and all is much better!