Like many of you I have been impressed by +Dylan Lovinger's hypercube videos.

(Paul Guthrie) #1

Like many of you I have been impressed by +Dylan Lovinger’s hypercube videos. I showed them to a friend and was asked " Nice…can you make one 8 ft on a side for Burning Man?" So, the first question is, where could one get 8x8 sheets of mirrored acrylic? I assume custom order from China, but which supplier?

Suggestions gratefully taken.

(Jeremy Spencer) #2

I get mine from here

Don’t know if they can make 8x8 sheets though…

(Tom Schubert) #3

@Paul_Guthrie , 8’x8’ will be impossible for ACR, you could however get lexan (rolled) at 116" wide in most markets but you will have to laminate the film to it with seams as well. On that same token, your lexan- even at a 0.25" thickness will sag over the width causing distortions in the effect. Adding a secondary ‘+’ structure to inside could help alleviate this but you would still battle warp as lexan isn’t very heat tolerant.

(Tom Schubert) #4

I am currently doing a project here (in AZ) with .220" 2way, mirrored ACR and the largest sheets available are 5’x’8’'s and there is a minimum order quantity of 19 sheets from the factory @ $543 each. I have since down sized the elements to fit on to much easier to obtain 4’x8’s which still come @ a cost of roughly ~480USD for a single sheet. Let me know if I can be of anymore help as have traveled this path recently.

(Tom Schubert) #5

Here are a few photos of what I have sourced :