Like Bit Holder

Hi guys,
I’m designing a part and i imagine a mechanism like a bit holder in order to screw around and tighten a cylindrical rod of 1cm diamete10cm long.

Do you know a 3d design i could just print to try or inspired or buy in the market but not too big the the tinier possible?
I would like it in strong plastic like ABS.


they are called “Powerbit” but I could not find any existing 3D models. I don’t think the design is super complex and is mostly a circular central sleeve with some holes for slots for the balls, some balls, then an outer sleeve with groves for the balls which either hold them in place locking or have room for the balls to move out of the way and unlock.


I admit that I have a little trouble visualizing, but at least i got the right name, a starting point for research.

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My google-fu seems weak today, I can’t find anything 3D printed using those bit gripping technique of the powerbit design. Post if you find something.

I think I should check drill chuck, that’s easier to find: