LightBurn with OX CNC Pro-controller

I am having trouble connecting to the MakerBase MKS v2.0 controller from LightBurn v9 on another Linux computer. My PI image that came with it works fine. (I removed the PI from the pro-controller and set it up to run from USB thumb drive. Gives me the option to use another computer.)

  1. Anyone using lightburn with a pro-controller successfully?
  2. Any special USB drivers needed on linux to talk to this controller?

Are you using grbl laser mode?

$32=1 - yes.

It wont connect to the MK v2.0 controller. I am trying to allow lightburn to connect to my controller and retrieve my machine settings. I am thinking it a USB issue. I guess I could try arduino sketch and see what it gives me.

Does anyone have any updated firmware for the Makerbase MKS DLC v2.0 board?

Try connecting with UGS (Universal Gcode Sender).

Does any other gcode sender work on the same system? (If you are using Windows, it’s famously persnickety about USB drivers.)

Vis-vis updated firmware, the latest I know of here is from your earlier thread:

Here is someone with unrelated problems on the same controller board running another build not with the Hobby-Fab spindle non-linear profile parameters:

Lightburn intends to support grbl 1.1f, the version of the firmware from Hobby-Fab, with the GRBL device type. It looks like the Hobby-Fab version is branched off 5967839ab38f8e984a384db1f64e781cffb9e739 Looking at the diff, I don’t see any pin mapping changes, so the default CPU_MAP_ATMEGA328P looks lke it applies. This means that I think you could build upstream latest onto the board and restore your $$ dump if you don’t want the spindle profiles from Hobby-Fab.

The Raspberry PI that came with the controller works perfectly.

I am going to try a windows 7 laptop and see if it has better results.