Let's get started with a very basic subject:

Let’s get started with a very basic subject:
Who of you have access to a 3D printer?

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I’m a proud 3D printer owner.

I have access to a shared 3D printer, for example in a hackerspace.

I’m thinking about getting a 3D printer (or am currently building one).

I think 3D printing is really cool, but I’m not planning on getting a 3D printer yet.

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I want one…

I have one but it’s very unreliable. (Makerbot Thing-o-Matic)
Already sold my old Repman 3.1 and am waiting for a Makibox HT.
Doing CAD (Alibre Design) and 3D printing for years not.
Added CNC milling and casting PU resin to the mix last year.

so… you’re an owner, but not a proud one?


I’d say option #1 works for that, too :wink:

I’m a 3d modeler who has a background in simulation but ive been around extrustion printers and would be happy to lend the use of my tools or skills in exchange for the 3d printable parts of a mendel or similar.

@Shaun_Pearson where are you located?

I own a zcorp colour 450 printer

Makibox Beta and two Ultimakers - hopefully a Resinbased one soon

@Nils_Hitze Resinbased?

u know, like the form1

You mean a DLP or laser-sinther?
With “resin” I wasn’t thinking about UV-curing resins at all.

Happy ultimaker owner, wished he never spent 1000 euro on a rapman…

Let me guess…Z-Wobble?