Let there be light (lamps)

I fulfilled a 10+ year promise to the wife to make lamps (2).
We have been looking at a set of cheap Walmart lamps as placeholders for a long time.

This summers heat killed many large Aspens so I got timber that was finally big enough to take on this challenge [that’s my story and I’m sticking to it].
The lamps are made from Aspen and finished in Deft lacquer

I have a lamp drilling rod waiting for this project so I finally got to use it. The drill [kinda like a gun drill] is inserted into the tailstock and pushed through the lamp.

I had to come up with a way to hold the lamp while I routed the features for the cord exit into the bottom. A bucket and foam insulation did the trick.

I used a low tech “story stick” to guide the work. I hate making two of anything but the second one turned out (pun) pretty close to the first.


Wooden have thought it would have taken you that long! Great looking lamps by the way.


Took a while to “see the light”.