Lens upgrade

Has anyone tried these expensive new lenses that focus the beam tighter? Does it mean more cutting power for less watts or just neater cuts?

The high resolution laser heads are primarily used for photo engraving (They allow for a higher dpi, so more detail) They can be used for cutting thin materials and will allow you to increase the speed dramatically as the beam density is higher. I manufacture the Beam Buddy high resolution laser head. More information can be found at https://shop.beambuddy.xyz


I am using it for very small and detailed cutting work, not engraving, but like the idea of a tighter beam as some of the materials bubble a little at the cut.

The kerf is incredibly thin, and cutting up to 3mm thick material is reasonable, thicker than that and the edge of the material will have a noticeable angle to it.


About 300 micron is the thickest I use for the detailed work so not likely to be an issue, with the current lens it leaves a little raised edge all around the cut so I can’t use the materials I want with it.


That link doesn’t work any more do you have a new one?

Autorenew failed on my site :frowning: It has been fixed and the site is now active again. :slight_smile: Thanks for pointing that out.


Do you ship that to Europe? (not UK! I know that place is trouble now)

Yes we do.

Ordered. Will see if there is any fun with import duties now.


Just turned up, no import fees. Probably a mistake but happy at that.


@funinthefalls should I expect it to need more power than the standard lens? Even cutting paper I have to turn it up past where I could cut card before? I have got the bed to about 4mm from the lens but tried a couple of mm either side in stages.

Hmmm…that should not be happening, you should actually need less power. Check to make sure the bottom lens is clean, and that the hole in the cap is clear of any debris.

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Make sure the lenses are in the right orientation. Anthony can tell you what that should be.

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They are in the blue unit, could they have moved in shipping?

Possible but highly unlikely. The only thing I can think of is that the lenses were put in the wrong way, ie the top lens should be on the bottom and the bottom lens on the top. Try switching them and see if that makes a difference. If not I’ll most likely replace the head for you with one tested for correct operation. Sorry you are having issues, we will get this resolved for you.


Do the lenses have a top and bottom? Curve up like the original?

I’ll have a look tomorrow, I’ve been working on stuff that doesn’t need the cuter today as it doesn’t cut at the moment :wink:

OK even though it had a runtime of maybe 5 mins in total on just low power tests it had more tar on it than a freshly laid road :confused: I haven’t been able to connect the air to it because it fouls the frame in every possible orientation, may need to see if I can find some kind of angle connector before I get to use this in anger. Also it whacks the air intake slot every time it homes so may have to adjust the home position to avoid it. Any suggestions for either problem? I guess every K40 is made differently? It does however seem to cut for the moment for the first few minutes.

Can you think of any way to angle that air intake straight upwards first? Any adaptor? There is no way I can use it as is :confused: