Led video Tunnel I wanted to do a similar project as you see in

Led video Tunnel

I wanted to do a similar project as you see in the YouTube link below
My Application requires 80 x 3 meter strip (60led/ meter) total 14,400 pixels of APA102

Is it possible to do this by Arduino Due or Teensy 3.2 ?

How shall I generate similar animations. Is there any software to generate patterns and port to Arduino.

Please someone give me an idea to start with.


Good luck, that’s a great project. Personally I’d be tempted to use the teensy 3.2. It’s also worth considering SK9822s, harder to get than APA102s but much faster.

Planning to use Teensy 3.2 for every 8 channels.
So total 10 Teensy 3.2. Required.
How shall I cascade Teensy each other.
Is it going to decrease the frame rate ?

If you want to use hardware SPI (which, trust me,you do) then it will be four strips per teensy (8-way parallel output is only for the ws2811 style of leds)

Thanks. Yes I missed that point.
What is the maximum pixels allowed per output to get optimum performance and frame rate.
And maximum How many Teensy 3.2 can be cascaded?
I would like to use FASTLED. Anyone made application using more than 10000 pixels?

There’s no one formula for that - and a lot of it depends on things like how complicated your animations are, among other things. You’re only going to have 720 leds per teensy, so I don’t think frame rate will be an issue.

Your bigger problem is going to be coordinating 20 teensy 3.2’s.

I’ve done a project of this scale, but I used ~20 esp8266’s and wrote my pattern code so that all I needed to do was udp broadcast over wifi small packets containing timing info and some parameters for the animation and each esp8266 used that information to animate itself locally.

The OctoWS2811 library includes a way to synchronise multiple teensys (with one master and multiple slaves). If you look through the code you should be able to find it…

That looks awesome man!

Regarding the animations, how is that done? Is that with some special software?

Yuour planning on 14000 leds with each controller maximum 720 LED thats 20 controllers. Why not go with a controller like the AlphaPix by http://HolidayCoro.com, then use something like xLights to crate and run the animations.

This system use 4000 Led per one controller. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL07F1AB74712B2A7A

for reference, my sketch with DMASPI, 16Mhz
could update 80 pixels of dotstart at ~5000FPS,

that means 8000 pixels should give 50FPS,
but not sure if SRAM buffers’ enough