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(E. Wadsager) #1

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(Isaac Arciaga) #2

nice. which MK extruder is that?

(E. Wadsager) #3

mk8 sintron

(Eric Lien) #4

Alright, direct drive Eustathios!

(Vic Catalasan) #5

Very nice build and well though out

(Ben Delarre) #6

Woo! Very interested in a direct drive carriage

(E. Wadsager) #7

Now i consider upgrading:
*print adapters between aluminium block and bushings, so i can replace the lm10uu bearings .
*Only use one belt driven motor for z axis instead of 2
*Maybe bigger heatbed.

Btw i’m pretty impressed by the mk8 extruder.

(Isaac Arciaga) #8

@E_Wadsager Your variant of the Eustathios is very impressive! I would like to tinker with the MK* extruder idea on my build. Was there anything special you had to do to adapt the extruder to the bearing blocks? Also, how much Z did you lose if any?

(E. Wadsager) #9

As you can see i have not used any printed parts. I used the basic idea about how the yx axis works and designed the frame to be most economic so i had almost none material waste and the wood was very cheap. So i still have about 270mm z travel (haven’t measured).
the reason why i did use a mk8 extruder is i bought a complete 3d printer set. i did think about the best way to mount it and zip ties was easy and works great.

(Richard Teske) #10

Do you have any problems with the rotation of the linear rods, because you are using linear bearings?

(E. Wadsager) #11

haven’t had any problems yet. but my plan is print some adapters/spacers so i can use bushings instead.

what kind of bushing do you use?

(Richard Teske) #12

At the moment I’m planning my build. Would it be possible to push those linear bearings out and push some sintered bushing in?
Because i like the way you use as less printed parts as possible if even none :slight_smile:
with something like these:

(E. Wadsager) #13

It is just lm10uu bearings inside which are hold back by a snap ring. you can remove them by hand.

could one of these bushings work?


or print these in pla.

my plan is to use 2 bushings in each block.

(Richard Teske) #14

Those printed bushings look also interesting. I think you would need some bushings with an outer diameter of 19mm to fit them in the sc10uu.

(E. Wadsager) #15

yes that lm10uu size. the printed should fit.
for the other bushings i would print a spacer/ adapter to make them fit the 19x29mm

(Richard Teske) #16

Then this should work all right. So why not? Would be great if you could test this :slight_smile:

(E. Wadsager) #17

i cant see any bushings in the Eustathios BOM. does any one know which one is used?

(Richard Teske) #18

I think you could use those I posted earlier. They are also 30mm long.