Learned how to make tons of mistakes with this one.

Learned how to make tons of mistakes with this one. Fusion gave me so much headache on the curved profiles.

Sanding and finish are next.

Ok and I forgot to cut the hole inside to the added weight :slight_smile:

What issues did you run into? Is it a problem with post processing?

@Todd_Fleming ​ yes and no. At some point it just did not product any gcode from the generic GrBL post. I spend some time looking for a solution , at the end I had to create the file again for it to product something. Then the Parralel operation i chose for doing the bevel did not produce the expected result. Not sure what I had wrong since I made the changes based of the example they provide.

What do we need in LW to get it to round profiles ? I know that I can do multiple lines with margins and apply different depths to it, sort of a hack but …

Also no matter what the location in Fusion grid, I always got the gcode centered in 0,0

What do you mean by round profiles?

@Todd_Fleming ​ a fillet on x/y

Add them in Inkscape or AI

my bad, i meant to say X/Z or Y/Z

That gets into 3d contouring. I started looking into that a while back, but it opens up a whole new can of worms.

Here’s where I stopped over a year ago: https://tbfleming.github.io/OffsetMesh/

Is it possible to open the can just a little bit or is it impossible :)?

Not impossible, just a ton of work to produce a 3D cam that does very little.