LeapFrog Printer, ABS 1.75, 230 deg, 12 hour print time.

LeapFrog Printer, ABS 1.75, 230 deg, 12 hour print time. Full size, about 7" tall. came out perfect. No support.



dont get offended but the machine am offering for 500 usd can get near this quality at that speed.

i really like that structure. especially when its half way done.
minimal footprint and a lot of openings for plants to grow from.
i wish i had that design in my planted aquarium.

@Karan_Chaphekar I hate to say this, but your machine is just a Printrbot Jr. And the printrbot jr is a real letdown when it comes to quality. You’re the kind of crap that even people in the open source community are fighting against - you took an open source design, and are reselling it as your own. With little to no improvement whatsoever, no contribution to the community, looking to make a buck on it, with little understanding of what makes it bad. You even renamed it in an attempt to hide what it really is…

You’re really the lowest of low here, so you don’t have much room to talk.

sorry i didnt updated info. i have made lots of good changes. i will also post the photos of print.

STL? Looks like a Dizingof but don’t see it on Thingiverse

@Misha_Tikh Here is the link to the STL. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:73552

@Yuriy_Fazylov_Yuriyo Yeah my wife said the same thing, stop it half was and put a plant in side. :))

@Karan_Chaphekar While there are several really nice machines on the market, when I researched to buy I wanted a real "turn on and print experience. There is a lot of new people entering 3D printing and do not have experience to build and program and mess with a machine just to get a nice print, Like Me. While others offer a good experience out of the box, Leapfrog is what I picked and I am very happy with it. It cost more, and shipping to USA is more but when I emailed and called a few other printer companies, there was no support and even emails were never answered. Some just sent back a link to check out and pay and never answered one question. LeapFrog replied and someone answered the phone every call. For new people like me, we need help and while the community is fantastic, sometimes new people do not even know the right questions to ask.
Good luck with your printer @Karan_Chaphekar but for me, Leapfrog is a win.

Very good quality!!!

Good to hear that the leapfrog is working out for you. But I’ve been hearing different stories about their machines. Lots of problems and no reply when asking for technical assistance. They are new to the market, and where showing off really ugly prints half a year ago. Got some detailed close-up photos? White ABS is very hard to judge from photos.