LAYZOR plans now available! The LAYZOR project has been dominating all my free time

(Frederik Deryckere) #1

LAYZOR plans now available!

The LAYZOR project has been dominating all my free time since the beginning of the year. This post marks another milestone in this crazy journey.

So what happenend? Well I finally finished the complete plans for converting any K40 to the LAYZOR. I’m very satisfied with the result and I actually finished it a few weeks earlier than anticipated, so I’m giving myself a golden medal for that.

The plans are for sale over here:


(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #2

You certainly deserve a Gold Metal…!

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #3

Note: not to diminish your work which is excellent, you may find that the cost of those plans ($32) are a bit high ;).

(Frederik Deryckere) #4

Thanks Don! Yeah it’s a difficult choice. If it weren’t for paypal taking their generous part… I talked it over and you’re right. Back to 20€ it is!

(Dennis Fuente) #5

any chance you could make the plans Rhino 4.0 compatible

(Frederik Deryckere) #6

Let me know if it works for you. If so, I’ll add it to my site. Thanks!

(Dennis Fuente) #7

@Frederik_Deryckere Hi Frederik thanks for the Rhino file but i could not get it to open

(Frederik Deryckere) #8

Hmm strange, maybe you can download a Rhino5 demo version and try to open it that way?

(Dennis Fuente) #9

ya it’s real strange because i can see a preview but nothing shows in the 4 view panels, is it a DXF or just a Rhino 3DM thanks

(Frederik Deryckere) #10

It’s a Rhino .3DM file. I exported it as Rhino 4 legacy file and it gave me some warnings but nothing breaking the model. I then opened that file in Rhino 5 and that worked for me. Do you see layers in the layer panel?

(Dennis Fuente) #11

it states no filtered layers to display

(Frederik Deryckere) #12

My best guess is that some machine parts that are off-the-shelf components were downloaded from grabcad and imported in Rhino. I didn’t model everything myself obviously. So maybe some of those imported models don’t play well with older versions of Rhino. idk it’s just a guess at this point

(Dennis Fuente) #13

could be i will paly around with it some more and let you know if i have any success