Latest Smoothie Clustering firmware for Smoothieboard v1.1?

I have designed my own Laser engraver/cutter

I want to test the Smoothieboard v1.1 running the clustering firmware

I have installed it using these files:

But I`m totaly new to Smoothieboard, so I do not know if this is the best bin/config file to start with for a Smoothieboard? (it is from chohesion) - is this the latest Clustering firmware?
Is there a Smoothieboard dedicated config file that supports clustering?

Sorry if this is stupid questions

Iā€™m trying it now for few days (got it from same link as you) on BTT skr 1.3 board and seems to work OK.
In my understanding clustering smoothieware firmware works only with Lightburn software now .
No special configuration in config file related to clustering feature, just switch it on in Lightburn. If it is latest version , I do not know.

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