Latest on the FastLED 3.1 branch: * closer to calling it done (honest,

(Daniel Garcia) #1

Latest on the FastLED 3.1 branch:

  • closer to calling it done (honest, there keeps being ‘just one more thing!’)
  • ATTiny167/87 support (w/hardware SPI)
  • APA102 output on teensy 3.1 hardware SPI is 15% faster
  • Make refresh rate limiting saner

When i’m less wracked w/insomnia, i’ll see what’s left to call this done (and start on the next list of things to do/push out for folks :slight_smile:

(Mike Thornbury) #2

Shrubbery. It’s got to have a shrubbery.

(Daniel Garcia) #3

Funny you should say that, I have a post coming up describing how to get a nice two four layer effect going :wink:

(Marc Miller) #4

Looking forward to your post on layering.
Thank you Daniel.

(PaulStoffregen) #5

15% faster!! Pretty amazing how you’re always squeezing more performance from the hardware! :slight_smile:

(Daniel Garcia) #6

In this case it’s bringing apa102 performance closer to, say, lpd8806. The spi code is pretty well tuned to aggressively use FIFOs (and other things like continuous mode) for 24-bit output. The apa102 writing 32 bits per pixel meant I was bypassing that. I did some reordering of how the apa102 writer is doing its thing to better interleaved scaling/feeding the spi hardware, but there’s still more I can do (e.g. using continuous mode between words to shave some more clock cycles)