Latest commission. For a company called SnoLabs.

(Louise Driggers) #1

Latest commission.

For a company called SnoLabs. A robot penguin complete with rocket pack:-)

Fully articulated, no assembly and no supports!

Points of articulation:

  1. Turning head
  2. “Flapping” wings
  3. Legs that twist. He can stand and sit
  4. Moving tail

Just print him, take him off the bed and move his joints - that’s it. He was a fun to design but also a challenge because I wanted to cram as much movement as I could into a small model and not compromise the structure of the model or make it too difficult for people to print.

His new owner plans to release him soon for free download. I think they are planning to run a naming competition too.

I’ll post download info once it is released, providing no mods object because it will link to a commercial site .

(Anthony Bolgar) #2

I am always amazed by the quality of your work. Keep on doing these wonderful items!

(Wes Cherry) #3

I’m a big fan of snolabs filament. Especially their PC+ which prints super easy (245, 80 bed, no enclosure) and is crazy strong.

(Matt Harrington) #4

Reminds me of Batman

(Louise Driggers) #5

@Wes_Cherry Snolabs are sending me a load of their filament to try out and it should be here tomorrow. I’ll certainly post my findings.

(Ralnarene) #6