Latest blog post. Are you using the best filament drive gear for your set-up?

Latest blog post.
Are you using the best filament drive gear for your set-up? Take a look at the benchmark graphs with details about each drive gear.
Benchmarking done with the Airtripper Extruder Filament Force Sensor.

How about a hotend shoot out. I’ll pony up for a Ubis hotend!

I’m almost set to do a shootout between 1.75mm J-head Clone and the 1.75mm j-head original.
It will be interesting to how the 1.75mm conversion PTFE sleeve/tube performs that are commonly found in clones.

I’d love a definitive shoot out between jhead and Ubis. Knock-offs welcome, although I think you are wasting your time promoting any copy cats that have exponentially less manufacturing experience with a given hotend. I see the knock-offs as opportunists. Carl Ubis himself expects major failure with the new ripped off, I mean shamelessly copied, Anubis hotend… Would you want a hotend kit put together by a first time builder, or a scientist engineer who has made over 10,000 units?

All that to say, the difficulty in accurately testing hotends is you have so much diversity-- kits, manufacturer-assembled , all sorts of materials, paired with all sorts of extruders and motors and configurations. I guess you would have to narrow the field significantly.

I may have Carl take your winner and do his own tests… He was at HP for 30 years and ran one if the most sophisticated failure analysis labs in the world. :wink:

Good luck with all your testing! I wish more people were doing this type of analysis, steeped in actual data and science. There is way too much rhetoric about what printers can do. Speed and resolution are two examples.


This is awesome testing. Love your rig and am going to make one myself for E3D testing.

@Brook_Drumm it was good to meet you and chat at the 3D Print Show in London - I agree very much on the rhetoric front, independent testing is a good thing.

I’ll volunteer an E3D hotend for testing too. I expect that extrusion force might be ever so slightly lower on PTFE lined hotends than my E3D product. However because you can go hotter you can get higher melt-rates than PTFE hotends. It’s all a matter of horses for courses - choice is good.

@Brook_Drumm Time and energy is probably best served reviewing original hot end designs. It was a lot of effort to test the drive gears and I think comparing hot ends will require even more effort to do justice.
The best way to review the hot end is just to focus on one hot end at a time, test with different filaments, temperatures and speed.
And instead of having a pass or fail rating, turn the review into a guide that helps get the best out of the hot end.
Having a part review / part guide for each hot end will be a better service to people.

We are buying a lot 3d printer stuff with a leap of faith.

@Sanjay_Mortimer I’ll be happy to do a detailed E3D review. I could also do a force test on some of your exotic filament you’ve been looking at well.

The graphing interface is still a work in progress, but I can send you a working copy if you have a force sensor working before the software’s public release.

@Brook_Drumm The Ubis sounds flawless according to the website, a bit disappointing to find minimum of technical information.

Anyway, I’ll do a review and benchmark of both hot ends separately if submitted, and I’ll return the hot ends when done no problem.

Thanks for the offer.

What tech specs do you want? Sign me up for anything you want to test- I like how thorough you are and we only want the truth. No strings. I’ll donate equipment for a reliable nonpartisan third party reviewer. Open challenge to all competition to do the same! The printers and equipment will speak for themselves.

@Brook_Drumm I should’ve checked your profile, I know who you are now lol.
Checked out the site again and it appears you have 4 hot ends.
What I look for:

  1. Consistent information for each and across the range.
  2. Safe temperature range
  3. Thermistor Type
  4. Full external dimensions
  5. Serviceable Parts
  6. Melt chamber length
  7. PTFE tube lined?
  8. Do I need a fan?
  9. Do I need a fan for PLA
  10. Is 1.75mm version a converted 3mm version with extra PTFE tube.
  11. Recommended filament types
  12. Maybe some basic firmware set up information.

There should be at least enough information to aid set up and to avoid damaging the hot end.
I would need information to allow me to test the hot within the range that it was designed to work in.

I know you will have all this information to give over the phone no problem.

I’ll test any of the 1.75mm versions when you have one to spare. I’ll be looking to do the genuine J-head before New Year.
I’ll have a contact form on my site in a day or two to allow for secure email exchanges.