Last year, I held an Arduino workshop for local Venturers (see ).

Last year, I held an Arduino workshop for local Venturers (see Am thinking of hold another this year, but the focus for this one would be making Chinese lanterns using FastLED. Here’s some examples I’ve already made.

Very nice!
Battery powered?

Of course. 4xAA.

Very nice!

My basic “learner kit” for classes has been either:

(1) Nano + 30xWS2811 + 4xAA battery case with 5v USB out + short little blue mini usb cable.


(2) Leonardo clone + 30xWS2811 + 9v battery + 9v-to-barrel-connector cable.

My plan for the next class is:

(3) Leonardo clone + 30xWS2811 + 3xAA-battey-holder-with-micro-USB-connector

I actually like option one for power, as those battery cases often have a power switch.

What’s the kit you do with folks? And how old / experienced are your students?

Last year, I used a full Arduino Starter kit (see link below). Here’s my Slideshare for the 2 workshops I held:

Most of the 14-17 year old youth started off with no experience, and by the end of the day, a few were programming a servo, an 8x2 serial LCD and even a stepper motor. It was a huge success.

This year, I hope to make those lanterns, with the switchable battery packs. They’re inexpensive, and I know this great library I can use. :smiley:

So, my new kit would be very much like your kit #1, but with fewer LED’s.