Last week I showed some early photos of my DW660 dust shoe,

Last week I showed some early photos of my DW660 dust shoe, the design files are now up on YouMagine. Today I managed to level my spoilboard with almost no MDF dust escaping so I was quite happy with that.

There has been a slight modification since the photos attached to the YouMagine post, I am now using the ‘Outer Skirt Spring’ so that the foam is on the outside edge of the shoe, this means that it is much harder for the bit to grab the foam and tear it up since the distance is a bit bigger. It does however reduce flow a little, but this hasn’t been a problem so far.

Let me know how you get on with it.

Very cool. So how does it attach on to the dw660?

You can just see in some of the photos on YouMagine, there’s little slots around the neck of the shoe that fits over the DW660. You can then push a couple of zip ties through these holes. The zip ties then prevent the shoe from dropping off thanks to the little lip on the bottom of the DW660 collar.

yeah… i guess i really need to remove that quick tool collar thingy on the DW660. Wish I had done that before I installed it.

Ah yeah, first thing I did was that. Much easier to change parts with a single wrench and the lock button now.

I would really like to adapt this to my Kress…
How do I edit these stl files to fit new hose and spindle sizes?

Hey @Roger_Storvik , I doubt you can modify the STLs, but the original Solidworks files are up at

If you don’t have Solidworks, I can make some modifications for you sometime maybe (no promises i’m quite busy). Does the Kress have a lip around which the neck can mount as it does on the DW660? If so, let me know the diameter of the lip, and the diameter of the shaft above the lip, and the hose size and I’ll see if I can find some time.

Hi! I do not have SolidWorks, but it is very cool you have the files on GitHub… :slight_smile:
The hose needs to be about 38.3mm and the spindle 43mm, but I probably have to make 3 holes to mount it onto the holder for the kress, not onto the spindle like on the dw660.

I can probably add stuff to the STL object with FreeCAD, but changes on your tubes seems to be difficult.

Pictures of spindle and mount:

I do have the details on a DXF file somewhere, if it gets to that… :slight_smile:

Oh Ok I’m with you, so you want to put screws in from the bottom side up into that mount to secure it in place. Neat.

Yeah get me the DXF for those screw holes and I’ll see what I can do, they might collide with the current magnet positions so it might take a bit of tweaking.

Ok, check if you can get to it:

Got it, thanks. Will try and find some time, maybe over the weekend (depending on how long it takes me to do my taxes!).

No rush! Thanks for looking into it… :slight_smile:

I did buy Rhino3D and tried to modify your object, but ended up designing it from scratch. It works very well and removes the dust nicely.