Last project before christmas...

Last project before christmas… LEATHER kids sized bracelet

Looks awesome. Beeswax makes a great finish & adds some stiffness. Just melt it, paint/pour it on, then use heatgun (a fair distance away) or hairdryer to get it to soak into the leather.

:wink: already did something similar to that… But thinned the bees wax into a thick paste with a touch of mineral oil

Found out also… That using 0000 steel wool to buff the engrave took out alot of the char keeping the soot from staining the leather before hitting it with bees bax

@Alex_Krause That’s interesting. Will have to give that a test sometime. Will have to check out the 0000 steel wool trick :slight_smile:

is that a pre-made band? I was just looking at those at Michaels for my Daughter and Friends to play around with.

@Kelly_Burns ​ i used thr sheet of veg-tan… But I have used the premaded