Laserweb4 is awesome! Can't wait for public Beta! First image: Laserweb3 lower image,

Laserweb4 is awesome! Can’t wait for public Beta!

First image: Laserweb3 lower image, I think it was too fast for my machine. Upper image is better.

Second image: Laserweb4 is great!

Can anybody tell me how to avoid the raster in the black areas? Did it come from the resolution of the image or the DIA of my laser diode settings or from the pwm signal (driver issue - analog vs. digital PWM)?

I have this laser driver:

I guess that the dark dots comes from stuttering movements. Try a lower speed.

If you are on Grbl (I think so), you could also try to save the gcode, replace all M3 with M4 and load/run this new code. M4 does dynamicly adjust laser power depending on acceleration / decelleration (only on Grbl 1.1). We will integrate that as a switchable option sometimes.

@cprezzi +Peter van der Walt
This image was Laserweb4 with directional engraving. So the horizontal and vertical spaces must come from image resolution or laserweb rasterizing. Or can this be a timingbelt problem too?

M3S0 are my start options. I will try M4. Yes I am on GRBL 1.1e