LaserWeb4, Emblaser 2 and Linux Ubuntu Studio

I have an Emblaser 2, and I’m trying to get it to run under LaserWeb4. The OS is Ubuntu Studio 20.04.3 and I’m using AppImage laserweb-builder-v4.0.993-130-x86_64.AppImage.

In “Machine Profiles” I’ve chosen “Emblaser 2” and applied the change. The “Comms/Machine Connection” tab recognises a DarklyLabs product on /dev/ttyoACM0.

Clicking “Connect” results in:

  • Connecting Machine @ USB,/dev/ttyACM0,115200baud`
  • Machine connected`
  • Build date: Jan 18 2020 09:58:50, MCU: System Clock: 120MHz`
  • E2/Core Firmware v126

<<<10 second pause here>>>

  • No supported firmware detected. Closing port /dev/ttyACM0

  • Machine disconnected`

There’s a pause of around 10 seconds after the first load of text, and then the “- No supported firmware…” message appears. I gather that this may be the result of a missing welcome message. I also tried connecting to the USB port over a serial connection to see if there was a welcome message there, all I got was “Emblaser - ok”.

I’ve trawled over previous help requests and seen suggestions for editing ‘.env’ and js files, but I can’t see either on my system and there’s no sign of those files in ~/.config/laserweb-builder

Any suggestions for resolving the issue would be most welcome.

LaserWeb 4 checks at connect, if the reported firmware is supported and the string “E2/Core” is not supprted. Only GRBL, Smoothieware, TinyG, Marlin and RepRapFirmware are supported. (see GitHub - LaserWeb/lw.comm-server: Unified communications server for LaserWeb4 (and other frontends) for details). It seems darkly labs have changed the firmware string for the emblaser over time.

If you run lw.comm-server from source code, you might be able to add the “E2/Core” string to the firmware detection in server.js (lw.comm-server/server.js at master · LaserWeb/lw.comm-server · GitHub).

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Thank you! I’ll do some exploring and see if I can get it working.