LaserWeb3 rocks ! I got it working over the weekend with a ( yeah

LaserWeb3 rocks !
I got it working over the weekend with a ( yeah now I know… MKS SBASE).
I really like the interface of LW. It does make things easier and the set as 0 button is amazing !

Couple ideas I wanted to put out there:

  1. would be cool to point-click to move the laser head to a close position in the GUI. ( instead of manual jogging to get it into position) This may need to have an option to enable. and would depend on the home position I guess.

  2. ability to drag the layer tabs into the order you want them to cut. ( I figured out that I have to create the layers in the order I wanted the job to happen.) would be cool to drag and reposition the layers after they were made.

  3. a way to manually fire the laser ( I may have missed it?) a box to input power and time, and a button to press to initiate the fire. i.e. POWER= 20% TIME= .05 S

  4. Nesting / Patterns ( lol ok now I’m going too far lol)

Great work on this LW ! Thank you

@Jack_Qiao ​ please please dedicate a little of your time to add this.

I’d just like a faster way to lay out ONE copy into a matrix. As it is I have to bring it in over and over and set size and offsets each time. The macro idea is VERY cool but would be more useful if it could automate the UI like resizing and offsets. Client is going to run 5,000 pieces of vector on 3x3" blocks of wood so he’s making two jigs to hold the pieces so he can keep feeding the machine easily.

+Peter van der Walt#1 remember I sent you a video of this. That’s how Corellaser sets it

Also, maybe the ability to choose which layers are turned into Gcode so we can test each layer without closing and opening files over and over to isolate the layer we want to check.

Interesting that it’s hard. I have done it manually in gcode by just wrapping the part code in an offset wrapper (G52) and it worked great.

Yes, I want to avoid CAD as much as possible because the users tend to have their own CAD programs so clients get their output files not the native formats.

Most of what I am asking for is for users, not me. I set them up so they can concentrate on their production work not on learning a lot of programs they don’t use for their own work. The users I am focused on are non techie and they are difficult to support but they are terrific at what they do, masters at woodworking and artists who can actually draw well, but have serious problems using numerically oriented tools.

This is why we are using ArtCAM for the school programs. They can draw something and we can cut it, but with your program they can now easily get output from a paper drawing without having to open ArtCAM, a much faster work flow considering we have limited seats for ArtCAM which they have to share.