LaserWeb will not load any SVG files unless they are small

LaserWeb v4.0.996-134
Windows 7 32 bit 4G Ram
SVG file from KiCAD PcbNew - displays fine in any browser

After selecting the file with Add Document, LaserWeb consumes cpu then goes to a blank white screen and zero cpu and stays in that state. Memory consumption is ~ 28M each in two processes.
I enabled the debug logger but did not find any output for this under the application directory, I don’t
know where this log is supposed to be created.

A small SVG file loads & displays fine.
Any help of how to debug this is much appreciated.

I never had this issue. If you post your SVG here, I will try it on my Installation.

@cprezzi I have uploaded the quick & crude PCB layout I made to test this.Cu

Where have you uploaded the file? I can’t see it.

@cprezzi I don’t know what this forum did with my upload. All I see when I edit my post is this string in

On the right hand side of the screen you should see a preview. Wait until that is loaded before hitting reply, and it should upload.

@RickZ Go ahead and go through the “discobot” tutorial. Click your profile picture in the upper right and there’s an easy tutorial to go through to learn how to use Discourse. It includes how to do uploads. :slight_smile:

I have just learned that this is an instance of SVG uploads being assumed to be very small.

I have edited the “missing” upload to a larger size that 3 pixels by 2 pixels and now it is visible. I’m sorry the problem wasn’t clear sooner!

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