Laserweb timeout... Can anyone tell me how you can increase the communications timeout like

Laserweb timeout…

Can anyone tell me how you can increase the communications timeout like you can in OctoPrint? Our CNC cuts are failing after 16 moves or so.

I want to use Laserweb but might have to go back to OctoPrint on the CNC to get some work done.

@Quentin_Harley ​ has never happen this to me. Maybe to can explain a little better what’s your setup so someone can help

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty We cut aluminum plate with an xcarve like hobby CNC machine. We have to go slowly but it works fine. The only problem is that the cuts take a long time for each line of gcode.

Laser web times out and stops the job.

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty my setup :

Smoothy board running grbl1.1
Laserweb4 on a Raspberry Pi 3

@cprezzi ​ do we have something that could be causing this?

In Octoprint there is a setting for the communication timeout. If I increase that to 240sec it seems to run without fail.

There is no timeout on our side for the USB serial connection!

If the connection get’s lost, it’s either forced by OS power save function, or the connection is instable for some reason.
One reason could be the smoothieware dual USB connection (CDC + MSD). Try disabling MSD (access to SD-Card drive).
Another reason could be an instable connection caused by bad/long USB cable, which causes too low voltage on the smoothieboard (if the optional power regulator is missing).

@Quentin_Harley Do you also run the frontend on the Raspi, or just the server? We don’t recommend running the frontend on the Raspi (not enough power/ressources).

Hi @cprezzi I have grbl1.1 on the smoothieboard, so no MSD interference.
Replaced the USB cable already. It is one of those 15cm long stubby cables, so I don’t think it would cause the issues.

The Pi is just the back end. Run the web interface from my PC in Chrome.

Using a separate 5V regulator, so it is not power related either.

Stumped. It works when doing intricate cuts in wood that requires a lot more (but shorter) gcode moves. This is why I suspected some kind of timeout.

Do you only get the disconnect error on the frontend or does the machine also stop moving?
At the moment you press run, the whole gcode is sent to the server on the Raspi (array in memory) and the server streams the gcode line by line to the board.
Do you know it Raspbian has a USB power save timeout?

By the way: It is important to remove M2 from the end gcode for grbl-LPC.

I will try the setup with Octoprint on the raspberry pi again and let you know if it makes a difference.

Ok, thank you.