LaserWeb permissions issue


I really love LaserWeb and using it as a crucial part of my workflow for etching custom knives for soldiers and veterans.

Right now I have LaserWeb server component running on a Rpi 3 b+ with the Acro system and xPRO v3 controller board. I’m then running LaserWeb frontend GUI on my desktop that runs Manjaro Linux. I’m able to execute the LaserWeb 4 AppImage no problem and just to confirm I did have this entire setup working before. I had to reformat my desktop PC with the latest Linux this weekend and have spent hours trying to get LaserWeb to connect.

This seems to be some sort of connection issue. In the past I had to run these commands to give USB permission issue where Node.js cannot access the USB ports by default. I really feel this should be added to the LaserWeb Wiki. In the past the following steps fixed this issue for me:

  1. Download LW app image
  • Change permissions and make it executable
  • Create dialout group
  • Add dialout group to user
  1. sudo usermod -a -G tty yourname

  2. Create dialout group:
    $ sudo groupadd dialout

  3. Add user to new dialout group:
    $ sudo usermod -a -G dialout $USER

  4. Log User out and then log back in or reboot Linux for changes to take effect.

However, it seems that no matter what I try now I cannot get LaserWeb to connect.

Your help is much appreciated as I have to get 3 knives engraved for customers in the next couple of days and now I am really stuck. I have also tried to connect the LW frontend from a Windows 10 machine but have the same issue.

Thank you,


Actually I think it was a matter of rebooting my desktop PC that I’m running LW GUI on. Regardless this should be added to the GUI as a standard user is not going to be able to figure this out easily. I work full-time as a web developer and it caused me to have to do a lot of Google searching before I figured out what the issue was that was occurring.

Thanks for your message. Could it be that the steps got a bit messed up? Can you please make clear what the exact steps are (including commands), so I can change the wiki accordingly?