Laserweb (local) connected to pi (laserweb) but no camera

So I have been able to connect to the pi install of laserweb with little issues (small connect on reset issue, but fixed).

Now I am trying to get the USB camera that is directly connected to the PI to be seen. Not sure what address i need to enter in the camera section… it looks to only prefill the local machine camera, not the one on the PI.

Any guidance?

There is no video streaming implemented into lw.comm-server. You need a server app on the raspi that streams the camera via network streaming protocol (like RTSP). I think VLC should work for that. Then you can use the camera url provided by this server to connect from LaserWeb.

I found a tutorial for camera live streaming:

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I was able to get the pi to stream the usb camera… but laserweb will not show anything when i user the same ip…

It’s not enough to enter the ip, you need a whole streaming url like:
This link is defined by the streaming server on the pi.

@cprezzi The link you sent in the thread, did not setup username/password link… it only gives ip:8081… and that works perfectly in all the browsers… I did not see a step in the article on how to setup a username/password for the webcam feed.

Any other ideas on how to make LaserWeb see the PI Camera feed?

Hmm, indeed the linked article doesn’t mention RTSP.

That page links ultimately to which looks like it is not streaming RTSP; it looks like its output is only MJPEG (though it can read RTSP streams) —

@cprezzi I know that the front end isn’t your specialty; do you happen to know whether MJPEG streams work? If so, the http://raspberypi:8081 (or use the IP address, like substituting whatever the pi’s actual IP address is) ought to work. It looks like there is other software that can stream RTSP from the pi if that’s a requirement, but it didn’t sound like it is?

@Stady234 I did see that there are tutorials on using the rpi to stream RTSP but I don’t have any experience with any of them, I just saw that they exist.

Unfortunately I also don’t have any experience with video streaming to the LW frontend and don’t remember which protocolls are supported (like rtsp, rtmp, http). The link I posted was the first I found for setting up video streaming on the raspi, but it is not related to LW. The username & password is optional in a streaming url and so is the endpoint (the part after the IP:Port). They are dependent on the configuration of the streraming server. The url example I have posted is from a surveillance cam.

Hint: The streaming url is not the same like the url of the streaming server website. If you call the url with a web browser and get a page with an embedded video player, then it is the url that the videoplayer uses that we need.

I also couldn’t find any documentation on the LW video feature, but I remember that @Jorge_Robles has implemented that part. Eventually he can help.