LaserWeb generated test files

Hi, old dog here trying to learn new laser tricks.
Lasergrbl has a facility to generate cut test files does LaserWeb have a similar facility?

There is no built in ‘test file’ system in LW, I guess you are talking about ‘speed/power’ test grids etc… It’s a nifty feature but LW has no provision for it.

LW does, however, allow you to save the entire workspace (eg image and cut data) as a .json file. This means that once you have a test file you can save / reload it when needed in a ‘machine / gcode neutral’ format, and even share that between machines.

For an example see this:

It still seems to work :slight_smile:

You can also ‘roll your own’, see the following older discussions:

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Thanks for the info.
I think I will use Lazergrbl for now then see if I can make my own up