LaserWeb/CNCWeb firmware compatibility?

I want to configure a Chinese CO2 laser cutter using Trocen controller with LaserWeb over USB or Ethernet. Did anyone successfully managed to setup or tried to hack it ?

Will not work. You could download LightBurn and give that a try, it works with Trocen controllers.


I have a Chinese VIGOTec laser that has an Expressif controller on it, and LaserWEB is saying my firmware isn’t compatible. Is this something I can fix, or is this something I will need Lightburn to handle?

As far as I know, Vigotec just forked GRBL, but they migth have changed the welcome string.

LaserWeb is waiting for a known welcome string and if that is not received within 10 seconds it closes the connection with an error message.

PS: You eventually can replace the firmware with grbl_EPS32:


Yess, another fine fellow just told me the same thing a different post, thank you! I’ll just force the new EPS32 version back onto the EPS32 controller haha why they have to screw around with hokey knock offs is beyond me… Nothing but a massive headache