LaserWeb built-in references to

(Michael K Johnson) #1

I saw in a recent help request that laserweb still points people to Google+.

git grep in lw.comm-server certainly finds several.

@cprezzi want to change those community links to point to categories here, and where applicable (not Peter van der Walt, obviously) the people links changed to people here as well?

(Claudio Prezzi) #3

@mcdanlj What do you mean? On our git wiki/issues or here in the forum posts?
I don’t know how to effciently change those without lots of manual work.

(Michael K Johnson) #4

I meant in git. I saw in LW4 on Rapsberry pi 3b+ not running that server.js still invites people to Google+:

That caused me to look at the lw.comm-server source and see that there are lots of references in the source to G+. You can see that for yourself with:

$ git grep plus\.google\.com

I just figured you’d like to know so you can fix them.

(Claudio Prezzi) #5

Ah ok. I’ll see when I get time to go through it.