Laserweb 4.0.48 (Win 64) doesn´t show me the settings page.

Laserweb 4.0.48 (Win 64) doesn´t show me the settings page.
All other categories (CAM, Comms, Jog, About) are shown correctly.
But when clicking on Settings, the window content is not changed/updated to settings dialogues. It stays with the last opened category, which is still operaple while “Settings” logo is highlighted.


Is the grid displaying on the right?

I have the same issue on my laptop, but the grid isn’t displaying either.
The LIVE version also does the exact same on Chrome, and they suspect it is webGL/driver related

The strange thing in my case is that it DOES work correctly on Canary (Chrome Experimental) with the LIVE build!

Yes grid is shown, but in default dimensions because no previous settings are loaded on program start. Older LW versions always loaded last settings.

Mine doesn’t show the grid either…

@Tobias_Holzmann there seems to be an issue if you compiled after some of the last commits, devs are looking into that

The live version doesn’t do that for me. Shows settings & grid properly. I have no issues accessing the LW4 settings panel. I haven’t installed the app version yet though so can’t confirm what it does.

been using the app for versions .42 .45 and the current .48 revs and no issues yet. I’ll post some of my engraves later today along with approx. settings for anyone interested.

@Domm434 ​ did you compiled yesterday or early today?

@Yuusuf_Sallahuddin_Y ​ not an issue in live version

compiled .48 yesterday afternoon.

I made a hotfix two hours ago, will patch windows version ASAP

@Jorge_Robles ​ I compiled windows after your fix and it was working for me

Great! @Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty

I installed .68 and have the same problem :frowning: Works fine on my PC, but not on my laptop where I need it. Any advice please?