LaserTube Problem?

Hello, I need your help : since 3 days my laser cutter have lost of it’s cutting power, I thought it was an alignment problem as it was time to check it but my laser suddenly decided not to fire anymore at all : nor if I launch a task neither if I press the test button, there’s no more red light going through the lasertube…
Any suggestion ?
Thanks in advance

Hi, If you suddenly lost power more than likely it’s a power supply issue. Is this a stock K40? Here is a guide put together by @donkjr to troubleshoot power supplies.


Ok thanks I’m gonna try to see where it can come from in there, i’ll come back to you if I need any further help or if it’s not clear
Thank you

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Hello again, just received my new poweer supply, i have taken off the old one but i teally don’t know what to do with the cable going from the back of the LPS to the laser tube, it’s taken in some kind of hot glue…
Can someone lead me throught the steps please ? (I’m a noob in electricity ^^ )

thank you

See if this is what you need.
Check out the section on: Replacing LPS as a Unit:

This video shows the reconnect at about 9:12