"Lasersaber" drives his printer with solar! (Min 1:40 video)

“Lasersaber” drives his printer with solar! (Min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jxXZj9mlxU&t=1m40s video)

That little solarcell should drive 3 motors, the controller and the heater?

A 25w solarcell could not drive a 100w printer, but a 10 Ah
battery-pack can do it for a specified time.

@Erich_HaHaOh ​ thx

If anyone would try such solarpowered printer. Solarcells are really cheap to buy at eBay
Look for solarwafer or solarwaffle(sometimes the Chinese shopowner is alittle lost in translation) a single wafer kosts only 1,29$ but if you buy more and the rest needet things like epoxy he goes down with price.

So what printer is that?

@Alex_Wiebe You have to ask ‘Lasersaber’.

Can you please share Printer details

@Ankur_Mishra its an afinia a closed source 3D printer.