Laserpro Gcc X252 info wanted

Hi, I found myself a Lasermachine for an offer that i couldn’t resist :wink: It is a Gcc X252 machine with the gantry etc but missing a lot of parts. Since i like a challenge i started my new adventure.
I’m looking for more info about the parts in this machine. Does anyone here have such a machine and can tell me something more about the mirrorholders, and the psu voltages for the mainboard. However I’m in doubt to get it all out and replace everything with for example a Ruida system. Since the servo controlled X motor is also missing, or can I replace it with a closed loop nema 17. Lots of thinking and tinkering to do. :smiley:
But for now I would be really happy if anyone can share a photo or measure the mirrorplates for me. It should save me some time. The plate from the head is most wanted.

In the meanwhile my K40 rebuild is delivering me some nice work, that can pay a little for the rebuild of this x252.


We need a lot more information.
Pictures of well… almost everything :slight_smile:

Did you google the model #. Seems like lots of info out there?


Yess thank you, i did found them already, this day… To be honest, I think it will be a complete rebuild based on possibly the Ruida and alternative steppers, since the original parts are financialy way out of my league :grinning: I found out that also the high voltage control board was gone,as well both PSU’s. Since there is a nice market selling lot af alternative stuff i’m going to use that. Now remains the question for me, Cohesion3d, Ruida, Trocen… I don’t know yet. I hope the tube is ok, it is dated 2015, have a quite long life and I think this machine was already out of use for 2 years, considering the dirt I had to take off. Maybe someone on Ebay want to buy the untested mainboard and servo stepper Y-motor and controlpanel pcb. They are quite expensive to replace them

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If I had the opportunity to have picked up a nice frame like that, I would have used it as the basis for my build instead of the from-scratch build I’m in the middle of now. :slight_smile:

If you want to use servos to move fast, Mark Rehorst linked to ones that he picked up for his sand table that weren’t horribly expensive; about $100 each for NEMA17 size. Also, more info here.

If you are interested in open hardware servos, check out ODrive.


I’m going to dive into this idea, maybe a little overpowered but really nice

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My first succeedings. Used Closed Loop Nema 17.

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