Laser Tube Arcing against body, New Machine, New user, Help please guys

Totally new to laser engraving, bought a new machine and spent a few weeks reading and watching videos before I even tried to use it. Now come the day of actually trying to set it up as in aligning mirrors and the tube is actually arcing against the body.

Looks like from the anode where the arcing is occurring

Any tips advice would be much grateful


Takes very little, relatively, to get through an area that wasn’t insulated properly. So there was probably a path for it to ‘get out’…

I would remove the insulation and re-apply it. My assumption is that it’s an insulating compound that was put on the tube.

I’d also wait for a few more opinions before jumping to any action.

Keep in mind that it really hurts to get bit by these things. So take precautions. Generally the best is to let it sit for a few hours or even overnight.

I will sometimes ‘run’ my code to see what the machines going to do. I’ve noticed that the lps can be off for an hour or more and when I do a run, with the lps still off, it will fire at the start. So there is little to drain off the charge.

I’ve learned to ground my tools to ensure it’s got a better path home than through me.

At least until I know I’ve made a connection with the hv and it’s safe.

Good luck, take care



The laser supply is LETHAL.

  • Yes, the output capacitance can hold a charge that is also dangerous.

Your tube can have an insulation problem but most of the time when a LPS arc’s like this the tube is dead.

Check the tube for cracks etc.

Contact your seller before your time runs out.

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Well that’s a bummer.


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