Laser stop in the middle of the job

Hi Everybody !
I bought a few month ago a Laser Vigotec VG-L7 (20BX) and it’s running perfectly since yesterday…
As information, I’m using Lightburn as software and the generic firmware. And I use this laser only to engrave.

My problem is that in the middle of the job the laser stop.
Each time i’m using the laser i must enable laser mode using $32=1 commands, that’s ok. But, here, when the laser stop in the middle of the job, it’s seems $32 is set back to 0.

Any idea how to keep the $32=1 during the entire job ?
Any idea on how to write this $32=1 in Gcode ?
Maybe (if it’s possible), add this command before each design could be a solution… (I have 8 design to engrave on 8 wood keyring. It stop after 2 or 3 designs)

If no solution, would you have any recommandation on a new laser to buy ?

Thanks a lot for your help !

When it stops mid job, it has dropped the connection and the board is resetting. That is why it reverts to the $32=0
This is usually caused by a poor quality USB cable, or EMI from the high voltage PSU, etc. I would start by getting a high quality USB cable, and see if the problem resolves itself.


Hi !

Thanks a lot for the answer.
I try using a new USB cable, shorter and better quality…
It works the first time and the 8 pieces was engraved correctly. Then, on the second time, stop again mid job.
I just notice on the console a few second before the job stop :

Any idea why is doing that ? I never saw it before…

Thang again a lot for the help !