Laser stays on continually on new 60W laser with m2 nano card

I have this problem, the machine is new and the laser beam is continuously on and does not turn off, with the danger that it burns everything, thanks in advance to whoever answered me

tengo este problema , la maquina es nueva y el rayo laser esta en continuacion encendido y no se apaga, con el peligro que queme todo gracias desde ya quien me conteste

Has the seller refused to resolve this dangerous condition?

The most likely fault that you could remedy would be a wiring problem. Please post pictures of the wiring on your card and the power supply.

Thank you very much Mr. Johnson, for your answer and for answering me, first of all I want to apologize for my writing in Spanish, I don’t know English, now I use the translator. Here I send photos that I recently took of the connections I have, if you could help me, because here where I live is in the mountains and I can not find any technician to come and see me, I thank you all in advance, a greeting

So I have the cables in my machine, could it be that they are wrong? thanks to who helps me

This is where the M2 Nano tag is

connection to source

M2 Nano laser controller

Thank you for translating. Gracias por la traduccion en ingles

Warning: There are potentially lethal high voltages inside. Over twenty thousand volts. This can kill you. The large box connected to the laser may still have high voltage even after you remove mains power.

You will probably need to remove the covers from the blue wiring channels and trace wires. Your wiring won’t be the same as the diagram that @donkjr created and posted here but it might help you understand what to look for:

First, check every wire between the components to make sure it is correct, that all wires are connected, and that there are no stray wire filaments touching where they should not be.

A damaged laser test button that is always engaged would do this. You could disconnect the laser test button wires from the laser power supply (LPS) to see whether this is the problem.

If this doesn’t lead to the solution, take close-up pictures of each of the connectors that show the labels for the individual wires.

Thanks for the answer, check the cables and the connections are well done, the problem is that the laser when I put any percentage of power, the laser is checked, that is, the shot goes out and does not stop, it goes out in continuation, and when I want doing the test doesn’t do it, it doesn’t have power, could it be the control board? Thank you

Can you please be a bit clearer about exactly what you tested?

When you first posted, you were saying that the beam was always on.

Now it sounds like you are saying that:

  • When you first turn on power to the machine, the laser beam is off, and does not turn on when you press the test button
  • Only after you start engraving or cutting, the laser starts to fire and then will not turn off.

Is this correct?

Please use short clear sentences. Your meaning will be clearer and will translate more clearly into English.

if the laser continues and does not turn off

I send you a video so you understand better because I don’t know how to explain, thank you very much

So the laser is always on, regardless of whether you have pressed the test button, as long as you are not setting it to zero power.

Have you tried disconnecting the test button from the board?

Have you tried disconnecting the test button from the board? If you disconnect the plug from the board and the test works but only the test

I don’t understand what you are saying here, sorry. Please describe more completely.