Laser Skipping Lines

Please see the attached image. My laser is skipping lines during jobs. It seems to occur in the same spots, so even when I run it more than once it still skips in the same spots. Also, it happens most often at the top left corner of the machine. Within the top 2-3 inches of the y axis.

I’m using the standard 50W Blue/White ebay laser with Lightburn

Anyone has any ideas of why this is happening or can give me a clue as to where to start?


The faster I go, the more skipped lines there are. Which makes sense, of course, but the problem is that I’m using the same settings I’ve been using for the past yr or so.

Skipped lines can be related to belt tension or worn belts. Also check that the belt pulleys are good and well attached.

Yes, I’m cleaning the x and y axis rails right now and lubricating them. I don’t see any problems with the pulleys so far and it’s good tension as well. I don’t see any slipping during engraving either. Looks like the problem would be with the y axis from the image…would you agree?

Yes it appears to y-axis related. I would suggest completely removing the y-axis belt and check it carefully for broken teeth. Also this will allow you to check the pulleys without tension on them. Pay special attention to how the drive pulley is attached to the drive shaft. It should be tight with no play.

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So you found the issue?