Laser shield protection

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Where did you get a 40W laser diode machine :(?

I am using this material as protection for my VG-L7X rebuild.


Also see @Adam_Haile’s Envgravinator BOM:

i bought from alibaba, i talk diretly to the factory, i took around 2 month to arrive, they sell the same models on aliespress, i check that link, i maeby give a try to that shield, but for what i read, for this type of laser they recommended 4+ OD and above, and that shield is 3+ so i am not to sure

The “20 W” module from Ortur only outputs 5-5.5 W.

And the single-diode “40 W” BS modules from Neje and whatever usually also only output about 5 W.

The most powerful diodes you can get nowadays output about 7 W.

There are modules which can output about 10 W, but those use two diodes and some combiner optic.

yes that is true! so having in that in mind, the second option (the cheaper one) should be good right? by the way i dont know exatly how much my 40w actually work, but i can tell that is really good, today i cut a piece of wood of 10 mm witn one single pass in around 10 min (was just a shape of two circles )