Laser removed painted tile The first to tell me who is this gets a

Laser removed painted tile

The first to tell me who is this gets a $5 Amazon gift card

If you turn it upside down it’s a happy bunny.

Very happy I must say

Is it you back in your rocker days? :smiley:

Naaa, but i did have long hair :slight_smile:

Steve Aoki
album cover

good enough, YOU WON @Tim_Mcgough , it is Aoki. Send me you email

Naw, I cheated and asked Google. I was surprised at how easy Google can locate and compare images instantly. Looks really good though. Hope I didn’t spoil the fun. Thx.

@Tim_Mcgough dont worry you still won, i know this was a possibility, and being smart and use image search counts

hey if you can answer this it will be worth it though. My Laserweb3 stopped generating gcode for rastering, but will for cutting. Last time I had this problem it was because I had the laser size set to …2 instead of .2 but now all it does is rasters a green line at x 0 along the Y axis no matter what png image I put in it. Any ideas? I am not connected to a laser, but I am using the standard smoothie settings for the k40 smoothieboard by Ray at cohesion.


Thanks in advance.


Can i assume that: you have started LW from fresh and that the image is rendered correctly in the canvas and that

yes I uploaded the pics but I guess they didn’t make it to the thread. Here is what the gcode shows as a green line and what the actual raster is. I reinstalled laserweb3 thinking maybe I got something corrupt but same issue.


here is the raster. When I tell it to trace it does it but the raster seems to just stop at the first pixel.

So you import an image and then vectorize it in LW. Are you cliking the tabs above?

@Tim_Mcgough I just tweaked my settings to pretty much everything you have there & worked fine for me with the PNG I tested. The only difference is my rapidspeed is set to 100 (not sure how to change that) & my showQuoteTab is set to “Hide”.

On LW I select Jog -> Ope -> Generate Gcode. Then I select the gcode view and it shows the w of 0, I select all layers or the image and it looks ok. I thought it might be something with png and clear backgrounds but I tried a JPEG just now and the same thing. My wife is calling so I guess I will pick your guys brain again tomorrow. Have a great week.

@Tim_Mcgough This is my current LaserWeb3 settings.json file:

You could try backing yours up & import mine & see if it changes anything (then put yours back).

looks like a bad conf on my side. I loaded your config and it worked great. Thx. See you saved the day. :wink: