Laser operation

laser not working on makerbase MKC32 V2 /Lasertree LT 80w-AA(24v) and lightburn . Everything else working, cannot get laser to work

Have you tried looking to see if any wires have come disconnected?

The other thing to check is to see if your laser tube is intact with water flowing and it is flowing ONLY in the inner cooling section of the tube and not the larger outer section of the tube.

Then try the TEST button on the laser power supply(LPS).

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Thanks for the reply but I forgot to mention that I am using a diode laser

ah, an important piece of information. Now what happened to make it stop working and how well was it working before that occurrence?

Hi, I do not understand what is happening but it is working now. I think maybe what is happening is that I have been adjusting settings but not switching off and then restarting, that’s my story, and am going to stick to it until it goes wrong again. Thanks for the help.


so I guess you can mark your post as SOLUTION.

ye, tick that one off .

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I always like to save off a copy of settings when I have to get into more than just one thing to tweak and even then one tweak here often leads to another tweak there and soon stuff stops working. Backing up to xxxx.working-date is my preferred naming.