Laser in ON, yet will not engrave. Universal Engraver 15000. HELP!

Hi all. Newbie here. I just built my Universal Engraver 15000 system. Lightburn and T2 Laser both recognize the engraving unit and vice-versa. I get the engraver to make the passes. I’ve changed the speed and power. The laser is on, when performing passes. I see the beam. Yet, nothing engraves. I’m stumped and frustrated. Do I need to calibrate the laser? If so, how? Any help is sincerely appreciated. I just want to throw this machine out the window already…

According to the support guy at Universal Engraver the focal length is 55mm.
Is the surface of the LED modules lens to the surface of what you are engraving 55MM?

Have you contacted Universal Engraver, you have 180 days to return it?

Yes, their customer service isn’t great. It takes days for them to reply. They ask you to use Whatsapp, and the number they forward you isn’t found. On the flip side - I finally got the laser to work. Actually had to lower the lens to about 4mm.

that is what I figured … a common problem.
So do we call this solved ;)?

Yes, solved! Now on to the CNC Router attachement!

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it is good that it is cutting but 4mm is VERY low. Do you have some form of air assist nozzle extension on it so you are measuring from the nozzle end and not the lens location?

EVERY laser owner should read up on what a Ramp Test is and perform it periodically so they know exactly where their optimal focal point is. And if you keep it around, mark the distance at focus and also mark distances for a few other locations on either side then you’ll have a reference for when you want to try de-focused engraving. Yes there is a thing.

Burn on!