Laser firing during fast moves

(Ray R.) #1

Just updated to Lightburn 0.9.02 and my k40 with C3D Mini (firmware 3-20-18) is now firing during fast moves while engraving as shown in the image. I uninstalled and reverted back to the last version I was using this morning 0.6.06 and everything is engraving as normal. The thin line through the top of the font is actually part of the font and supposed to be there.

Machine: k40 (came with digital controls & m2 nano)

Board: C3D Mini

Firmware: firmware c3d smoothie 4axis nomsd 3-20-18

gcode from v0.9.02:
gcode from v0.6.06:

(Ned Hill) #2

Since this appears to be linked to Ligjtburn you may want to post this in the LightBurn Forum.