Laser engraving for deep etching

I have access to a Legend 36EXT Epilog and wish to make embossing stamps for my handmade pottery. A successful stamp would be 4mm deep made from wood or acrylic. What would the setting be/number of passes to create this deep etching? Thank you.

Hi Nancy;

Epilog has pretty good tutorial about laser engraving on their website:
Laser Engraving Systems and Engraver Machine Tools and Printers. I think the guidance that you receive from their website will supersede any info that I could pass along to you.

That said, I’ve done a LOT of engraving with the K40 and I think you’re going to have a bit of problem making a 4 mil stamp with acrylic. 4 mils is a lot of mils when you’re engraving acrylic; I’ve had problems in the past with melting and distortion unless I make several low power passes. If my experience is worth anything, using less power and making a more passes works best.

There are a lot of talented people on this forum, so check back periodically as someone may have experience with the Epilog and offer you more definitive guidance.